This is a list of all parish and community groups and notices which relate to each. Click on the group name below for more information.

Bagenalstown Medjugorje Prayer Group

Meets every Tuesday at 10:30am in vestry St. Andrew’s Church.

Choirs:- Ballinkillen Church Choir

Ballinkillen Church Choir
Contact: Parish Office

Choirs:- Folk Group

Folk Group
Contact: Parish Office.

Choirs:- Newtown Church Choir

Newtown Church Choir
Contact: Parish Office

Choirs:- Pentecost Choir (Women’s Choir)

Pentecost Choir (Women’s Choir)
Contact: Parish Office

Choirs:- St. Andrew’s Men’s Choir

St. Andrew’s Men’s Choir
Contact: Parish Office

Liturgy Group

Profile of the Liturgy group goes here.

Saint Joseph’s Youth Priests’ Society

A branch of Saint Joseph’s Youth Priests’ Society was established in the parish in 1985. This society is a lay organisation approved by the Irish Bishops. It was established in Dublin in 1895. Its purpose is two-fold
1 To foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and to assist financially in [...]

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